Certificate Course in Prompt Engineering

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    Duration: 4 Months, Total Credits: 100, Practical: 140Hrs, Total Classroom Hours: 240

    Assignments and Projects: 240 hrs, Total Course Duration: 480 hrs


    Current Opportunities in Prompt Engineering

    Career Growth: A Prompt Engineer is a person who focuses on creating and improving the text suggestions that AI systems provide. They make sure that these suggestions are correct, interesting, and useful for different purposes. They also work with different teams to make the process of generating these suggestions better and to make the AI system work even better overall.

    The responsibilities of a Prompt Engineer include: Creating, testing, and improving text prompts generated by AI Working with content, product, and data teams to make sure the prompts match the company's goals and what users need Always making the prompts better in terms of quality and performance, and enhancing the way AI generates them.